Vinos Palafox


Located in the heart of the Antigua Ruta del Vino, in Ensenada, Baja California Mexico, the Aldo Cesar Palafox winery sticks to an old tradition originated centuries ago by the Spanish missionaries, who saw the goodness of this privileged land and followed the same path that leads to the family vineyards.

The family tradition of making wine dates back to the nineteenth century with artisan wine making for family consumption. In 1997, the plantation of noble grapes began as the base for a new wine project, and in 2009, a new subterranean cellar was incorporated to this project.

For more than three generations we have honored the vision of the missionaries over these lands, and we are recovering their wine tradition, incorporating the best techniques in winemaking to maintain quality. Being able to return the vocation to this region is improving our community and it is an honest way to pay tribute to the culture of making wine in Baja California.

Aldo Palafox Vinos Historia



Aldo Cesar Palafox decided to start a winery project. His profession of agronomist and the love for his grandparents´ land inspired him to continue the tradition of planting and cultivating grapes, and making wine.


The family comes together to regain the passion of Aldo and to realize his plans, naming the winery in his honor.


His father, Jaime Palafox Toscano, and his older brother, Jaime Palafox Granados, modernized the process of winemaking with the idea of ​​offering a high quality product, worthy of sharing with the world. State of the Art equipment was installed, optimizing the process of winemaking, using gravity.


The wines entered the national market. The winery was quickly consolidated with a solid foundation for the company to transcend to our children and our children’s children.


From our point of view, it is essential to be at the forefront of Baja California´s wine industry, so, as of 2015, 100% of the electricity used in our winery comes from renewable sources. We have installed solar panels that ensure the sustainability of our operations.


Valle de la Grulla and Valle de Santo Tomas are part of the missionary route used by the Spanish colony since the seventeenth century. These valleys preserved the wine vocation of the area ever since. In Baja California, 13 missions were established between 1737 and 1834. The mission of Santo Tomas de Aquino, a few kilometers from the Aldo Cesar Palafox Winery, was established in 1791.

The La Grulla, Santo Tomas and San Vicente Valleys, have the oldest history of winemaking in Baja California, for this reason, the area inherited the name of “Antigua Ruta del Vino”. The grapes grown in Santo Tomas and in Valle de la Grulla carry the natural heritage of the region, contributing their properties of flavor and quality, to our wines.


40 kilometers south from Ensenada you will find, different valleys known for their ideal characteristics for growing high quality grapes. The fertile soil, the cool weather, and the air currents coming from the sea offer the perfect conditions for producing grapes in Valle de la Grulla, which at the same time, is located within one of the regions with Mediterranean climate in the world.

“Valle de la Grulla: The excellent weather and geographical qualities of this valley, makes it a grape-producing region with great potential. Thanks to its proximity to the mountain range, the vineyards are supplied naturally with enough water”. – Penin Guide